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(ENDED) 🐝 Week 3 - Bee-friendly flowers! 🐝



  • La Ley
    La Ley Posts: 2,691 Level 5

    The showy large outer petals help attract many species of bees to sunflowers including honey bees and bumble bees. The center of the sunflower houses hundreds and thousands of tiny individual florets that contain nectar and pollen, a food source for bees.

  • Amoonmoon
    Amoonmoon Posts: 12,096 Level 5


    Some types of flowers may be more desirable for bees than others depending on several factors, such as the shape or color of the flower.

    The tongues of some types of bees are also characterized by their length or shortness, and this determines the shape of the flower whose nectar can be reached to absorb it, as long-tongued bees do not care much about this aspect, while the short tongue is one of the determinants that make the bee tend towards open types of flowers,

    Like sunflowers or chrysanthemums, bees are attracted to specific colors of flower petals, such as purple, blue, white, and yellow, and it is also noted that bees are attracted to local cultivated plants more than non-native plants, through which they obtain the nutrients they need, in addition to preferring perennial flowers as well.

  • Palash_Sarma
    Palash_Sarma Posts: 2,899 Level 5

    Hi @DieOmimi , voted

    Many sunflower varieties are open pollinated with bees usually the main agents, and to ensure a high seed set there must be a high insect population.

  • bearwithme
    bearwithme Posts: 15,190 Candy Moderator

    I admit I’m a bit of a traditionalist and roses are my favorite flower. I love their soft petals and beautiful scent - just watch out for those thorns. 😊🐨💕

  • Racoon7
    Racoon7 Posts: 13,569 Pro Player 👑

    Hi @DieOmimi I would have voted sunflowers because they are fantastic for bees, however on this vote I have chosen the crocus because they are one of the first flowers to bloom in Spring.

    This makes them an important food source for nectar and pollen after a long Winter. Hungry bees are attracted to the beautiful blooms and detectable fragrance.

  • KCullen127
    KCullen127 Posts: 5,517 Pro Player 👑

    I voted for sunflowers in Week 2 and I am voting again for Sunflowers for Week 3. Bees pollinate one-third of the food we eat. Sunflowers are rich nectar and perfect color to attract bees. The pollen from sunflowers has also been found to boost the immune systems of bumble and honey bees against debilitating pathogens. (From the Web)

  • rebelchild
    rebelchild Posts: 14,539 Level 5

    Sunflowers are an example of perfect imperfection.

  • CassD
    CassD Posts: 17,068 Level 5

    Sunflowers attract lots of bees.

  • johamilton
    johamilton Posts: 21,605 Bubble Witch Moderator

    I will go this time with the stunning Sun Flower. Nothing stands up and says Here I am for the bees out there. The Sun Flower is not shy by any means.

  • Pitty_Kitty
    Pitty_Kitty Posts: 11,721 Soda Moderator

    I'm reading that bees can't see red.

    Indeed I've never seen bees around my red roses😗

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