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janicdem Posts: 5 Level 2
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Please let us use our lives!!!! We accumulate our lives by sending and receiving lives from our friends that we have gained throughout the years. I had over 200 lives. Now I can't gain anymore than 200. If I have that many lives I should be able to use them all in one day. I should not have to be regulated on the amount of lives I can use as long as I have them. When I win a booster for 30 plus minutes, 20 lives will last me about about 10 minutes. Especially if it's a hard level (5060). When or if I spend money on Candy Crush it's to buy gold bars not lives. At this point why do we have friends just give us 20 lives per day!! This is one of the worst things you could of done done to the life long players. 5000 Badge (not a newbie)


  • DieOmimi
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    Hi @janicdem warmly welcome to our community. You've arrived here at Blossom Blast Saga and you want to know something about Candy Crush.

    Don't worry, I'll ask a manager to move your discussion to the correct forum (here). This is done manually and may take a while as our managers are very busy.

    Have a nice day.

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