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Level 7000 - the ultimate counting game with gifts every month 💰️

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Hi fans of blossoms, flowers and gardens,

Everyone loves gifts. 

We already have over 6000 levels in our game Blossom Blast Saga. Let us count until we release level 7000 in the game.  We start at Level 1, then we move on: Level 2, Level 3 l, etc.

🌺 Rewards: 🌻

Each month, 3 players win 10 gold bars each in their game Blossom Blast Saga.

Please take part in this game if you appreciate winning the gold bars. You will only be rewarded in Blossom Blast Saga and it would be a shame if someone who doesn't play the game gets drawn. 

🌺 Dates: 🌻

We count to level 7000. When we get to level 7000 and Level 7000 has not yet been released in the game, we count backwards: Level 6999, Level 6998, etc. 

Terms and Conditions here.



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