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The game no longer supports Android 5

Snow_Rider Posts: 1,858 Community Manager
edited June 11 in Discussions

Hello players!

We have an important update for you. Starting June 10, 2024, Blossom Blast Saga will no longer support Android 5. This means if your device is running on Android 5, you won’t be able to receive new features, events, or fixes as you won't be able to update the game.

To ensure you continue having the best possible experience, we recommend updating your operating system (OS) version. Without the latest version, we can’t promise you’ll enjoy the latest features or have any issues fixed, as updates will only be available for newer versions of the game.

Before you update your OS, make sure you have a King account. This will help you save all your hard-earned progress and ensure it’s carried over when you update your device. If you don’t have an account yet, create one now and keep your beautiful garden blooming!

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