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Notification about allowing tracking in my game! What does it mean and what do I need to do? 🧐

QueenBQueenB Posts: 7,111 Community Manager
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Dear Witches and Wizards!

Recently, you might have received a notification in your game about tracking and personalizing your experience.

First of all, please note that for now, this applies to iOS devices only, Apple is implementing this now and Android devices will be going forwards. Now, please keep reading and find below answers to some common questions about this feature:

  1. Why did I get this notification? 
  2. Should I allow tracking?
  3. What does this notification look like? 
  4. I want to change my response – can I do that?


1.- Why did I get this notification?

In iOS14, Apple introduced the “App Tracking Transparency” feature to iOS devices.

This feature means that while using certain apps, you’ll see a pop-up that asks whether you would like to "Allow Tracking" or "Ask App Not to Track."

There are two times when you might see this pop-up:

  1. If you attempt to log in via Facebook or Google.
  2. If you are about to see a personalized ad.


  • QueenBQueenB Posts: 7,111 Community Manager

    2.- Should I allow tracking?

    There are two main reasons that we recommend our players allow tracking in their games:

    1. We want to make sure that all of our players have a fun and safe experience in our games. We use tracking to make sure that our players see only targeted ads that are relevant and personalized to them.
    2. Our systems use tracking to save your progress with external platforms like Facebook. If you would like to reject tracking, you can still use Facebook to log in. Alternatively, you can play with a King account (here’s a guide on how to create a King account).

  • Hey! Would you like to give us your opinion?

  • QueenBQueenB Posts: 7,111 Community Manager

    3.- What does this notification look like?

    You will see the following pop up only once:

    Then, you will be given the option of Asking the App, not to Track or Allowing the app to track. See below an example of what you will be seeing from one of our games:

  • QueenBQueenB Posts: 7,111 Community Manager

    4.- I want to change my response – can I do that?

    You can always change your response through your device settings – here’s how:

    1. Open the “Settings” app on your device.
    2. Choose the “Privacy” option from this list.
    3. Choose “Tracking” from this list.
    4. Here, you’ll be able to choose your tracking preferences on a per-app basis.
    5. Toggle the setting to allow tracking for your chosen game.
    6. Please force close and then re-open your game so that these changes can take effect.

    Here’s what that looks like visually:

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