TempleKassingTempleKassing Posts: 73 Level 2
Just wondering if everyone is getting to watch ads? Today it started for me. Usually I hate ads in a game but the way your game has it set up you get 3 free moves and so far I’ve watched an ad before I play a game and I’ve received 3 free spells. There must be a limit though. I’m glad a game finally thought to give us cool free stuff!!! Thanks!!


  • PummyRajPummyRaj Posts: 15,824 Farm Moderator
    Hello @TempleKassing, Hope you are having a nice time in the Community :) 

    I do receive the Ads for a pre-game booster and also for 3 free moves at the end of the game.  Most of the time, they work. 

    But, very few times, I get the pop-up to watch an Ad, but when I click on it, it doesn't take me anywhere!!  It does not happen that often, hence I do not worry about it! 

    With regards to the number of Ads, I receive 3 to 5 of them for Pre-game boosters, and 3 Ads for the extra 3 moves =)   
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  • sakurasakura Posts: 163 Level 3
    i had the feature for awhile, and then it disappeared! i believe that king has different test groups for different features. :)
  • TempleKassingTempleKassing Posts: 73 Level 2
    Thanks guys for the info. It’s weird, the ads started yesterday and nothing today. ?????
  • TempleKassingTempleKassing Posts: 73 Level 2

    Had the ads for ONE day. Very sad 😪

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