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Frolic Level 2


  • Thank you so much for your response. I am looking forward to the tweaks as I am pleased to discover after reaching next chapter that those horrible swamp bubbles are not in all levels anyhow I didn't find them after level 3241 but lets see... I am glad I kept playing because I do love this game and I will absolutely hate…
  • Update : I am on level 3234 now and I see they are on every level now which is getting tiresome. I think its end of this game for me. I am sorry because I loved this game.
  • While I have you here might I share a feedback because I can't find a thread for it and I don't want to start the new discussion just for it... its about conjure games... I would just like to say that the new look is not good... its too glaring.... the previous one was much better... maybe it could be toned down with a…

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