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Basic strategy for playing Dachs Delivery Service

Uncle_BobUncle_Bob Posts: 162 Level 3

Delivery Service requires Teams of CCFS players to complete 6 Team Tasks. All members of a Team will get a small reward after completing 2 Team Tasks and a larger reward after completing the remain 4 Team Tasks. To maximize your contributions to completing the 6 Team Tasks, you should NOT just press the “Play” button, but first check what task you have on the new level (e.g., “Dunk Cookies”) and what helpers you have available (e.g., Misty, Yeti, and Dachs).

Then from your home page (above) click on the “Dachs”icon to see what Team Tasks your team still has to complete for this delivery.

Finally, scroll down through the 6 Team Tasks (below) and choose the task where you can make the best possible contribution to you Team’s efforts (in this case, passing your “Dunk Cookies” level will give your Team +1 levels on the Tram Task of completing 6 “Dunk Cookies” levels!)! If all team members make their best possible contribution to completing each delivery, you will ALL get more rewards like the 30-minute boosters and progress to getting each of the 3 types of lollipops!

If anyone else has ideas for good team strategy for playing Dachs Delivery Service, please let the rest of us know about them, because in DDS the better we all do, the more rewards we all earn!


  • gr33n3y3zgr33n3y3z Posts: 9,086 Level 5

    Welcome to the community 🌟🌈 @Uncle_Bob

    I'm sure players will find this information very useful thank you for sharing.

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  • siti_payungsiti_payung Posts: 11,342 Level 5

    @Uncle_Bob are you from Malaysia We have famous fried chicken francise nmae as you hahahaha

    One things I do for the Events is to complete my Daily Quests first at least I must make sure 3 quests daily must completed

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    Hello and thanks

    An idea for the roof event has already been opened. Maybe you want to vote. The idea comes from dear Freddy. @Freddy_

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    Thanks for your sharing ☺️

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    @Uncle_Bob , thanks a lot for the info! 🙂

  • Uncle_BobUncle_Bob Posts: 162 Level 3

    To be more specific about how to choose Dachs Delivery Service Team Tasks that would help your team earn rewards more quickly and efficiently, I analyzed the set of Team Tasks that require you to successfully complete a level. Since these DDS Team Tasks require you to WIN the New Level , that basically means that the new level can only count ONCE for the progress of your team. You must decide how your team can best benefit from that level if you successfully complete it.

    The Team Tasks where you must SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETE the new level for it to count are the following:

    1. Earn 150 new stars. (successfully completing each new level gives an average of 2.5 stars so this TT would take an average of 60 new levels)
    2. Win  8 “Hard Levels” (Orange-colored level button. 3 out of 20 levels are “Hard”, so this TT would take an average of 54 new levels)
    3. Win 3 “Super Hard Levels”(Purple-colored level button. 1 out of 20 levels is “Super Hard” , so this TT would take an average of 51 new levels)
    4. Win 6 new “Fill The Hearts” levels. (Fill Hearts levels occur every 6.2 levels, so this TT would take an average of 37.2 new levels)
    5. Win 6 new “Dunk Cookies” levels. (Dunk Cookies levels occur every 5.8 levels, so this TT would take an average of 34.8 levels)
    6. Win 6 new “Free The Animals” levels. (Free Animals levels occur every 5.0 levels, so this TT would take an average of 30.0 levels)
    7. Win 6 new “Free The Octopuses” levels. (Free Octopuses  levels occur every 4.8 levels, so this TT would take an average of 28.8 levels)
    8. Win 20 “Classic Levels”(Blue-colored level button. 16 out of 20 levels are “Classic”, so this TT would take an average of 25 new levels)
    9. Win 6 “Spread The Jam” levels. (For “Spread The Jam” both the RED jam and PURPLE jam levels count, so this TT would take an average of 23 new levels)

    To help your team the most, (A) shift between the “do 6 of a specific task” Team Tasks (#4,#5,#6,#7, and #9) and the Team Tasks that will count that level no matter the task is (#1,#2,#3, and #8). You do this by backing out of that level, choosing a different Team Task, and then playing the new level as shown on my original posting.

    (b) If you new level would satisfy MORE THAN 1 TEAM TASK, you should prioritize completing the Team Task that needs fewer successes over the Team Tasks that need more successes—that is, prioritize  #3 > #4,#5,#6,#7,#9 > #2 > #8 > #1 . Happy Crushing!

  • Uncle_BobUncle_Bob Posts: 162 Level 3

    When your team completes the 6 Team Tasks in Dachs Delivery Service, you will EACH get 3 lollipop “hammers” and two 30-minute boosters. But to get maximum use of those short-lived boosters, make sure you have at least 4 lives before clicking on the Dachs “new delivery” icon…

    …because once you click on that you immediately get the lollipops and the clock starts ticking on those 30-minute boosters!

    Now check the new set of 6 Team Tasks to decide what to do next.

    Since “Complete 10 Quests” is always one of the 6 new Team Tasks, if in doubt, I usually choose that Team Task and then backtrack to a good level to complete my “easy” and “medium” Daily Quests if possible.

  • Uncle_BobUncle_Bob Posts: 162 Level 3
    edited June 26

    The playing strategy for Dachs Delivery Service has to be modified if you reach the “end of the road” for CCFS, which for the Ipad version is currently Level 4420:

    For me, Level 4420 is considered to be my “new level” for DDS, but I am stuck there. So for our newest delivery of 6 Team Tasks, I simply cannot do several of them. For example, since Level 4420 is a Spread Jam level, I cannot help my team complete the 6 “Free The Octopuses” levels, nor the 6 “Fill the Hearts” levels. I CAN, however, still help the team “Create 200 Striped Candies” task.

    Similarly, the other three Team Tasks are given below. Level 4420 only offers Jelly Queen, Tifi, and Yeti as helpers, so I cannot help with the Tram Task of “Use Odus’ power 30 times on new levels”, but I can backtrack to complete my Daily Quests and help the team “complete 10 Quests”, or I could contribute to “Creating 200 fish on new levels”. Since Level 4420 offers Tifi, who creates fish, and I had the two 30-minute boosters, I choose the “Create 200 fish” Team Task.

    The “Create 200 Fish” task required 6 attempts or “lives” to complete this morning, and now I will shift to the “10 Quests” task or the “200 Striped Candies” task as those are the only remaining Team Tasks that I can possibly contribute to. So for those of you who are also at the CCFS “end of the road”, how do you adapt your Dachs Delivery Service playing strategy?

  • Uncle_BobUncle_Bob Posts: 162 Level 3
    edited July 23

    Well, thanks to @Grumpy_Old_Man and efforts of my fellow team members, team “ Uncle Bob” has burned through 8 deliveries so far in this session(July 16-25, 2021) of Dachs Delivery Service. Congratulations, team!

    This is the best that Team “Uncle Bob” has ever done over all the itereatiins of Dachs Delivery Service , and I am very proud of the team!

  • Uncle_BobUncle_Bob Posts: 162 Level 3

    I would be remiss if I did not mention that both I and my partner have encountered some hilarious “topsy-turvy” situations during DDS, where we have to completely reverse our normal “play-to-win” strategy and strongly try to “play-to-lose”! In particular, when we find a good level for the Team Tasks of “Combine Color Bomb + Fish/Striped/Wrapped Candy 20 times”, we want to do that as many times as possible for each attempt, but then intentionally LOSE the game so that we stay on that level as our “new level” where things always count for DDS. Combining a Color Bomb with a fish is somewhat destructive, with a striped candy is moderately destructive, and with a wrapped candy is extremely destructive! So especially for the latter Tram Tasks, destroying almost everything and then trying to carefully tiptoe around the playing grid and not set off anything else that might accidentally win the game, is so different from normal play that I find it hilarious.

    This example shows CCFS Level 4453, which is a 3-screen, 4-color Level where the first screen is very open and thus useful for creating Color Bombs or Coloring Candies, and then combining those with Fish, Striped, or Wrapped candies:

    The first screen clears out very quickly so that you can make a Color Bomb such as when combing the orange candies in the screenshot above. I also made an Orange Coloring Candy (screenshot below) and combined it with the Blue Wrapped candy. That results of course in a LOT of destruction, but the destruction is limited to the first screen, so you can then easily “play to lose” on the second and third screens, which are typically more difficult anyway, and preserve the use of this level to make more CBs, CCs, or CB+Fish/Stripe/Wrapped Candy combinations.


  • Uncle_BobUncle_Bob Posts: 162 Level 3

    Team “Uncle Bob” had a very successful session of Dachs Delivery Service (June 16-25, 2021) in my view, completing 10 Deliveries:

    Why were we more successful during this session? I think we had new team members including @Grumpy_Old_Man and a new member I will simply call “Player P”, who balanced out our team to be more optimal for the complete range of Team Tasks that DDS requires. DDS has 2 very different types of Team Tasks in terms of exactly how you are trying to play each level:

    (1) Team Tasks where you must WIN the New Level and progress to the next level

    The Team Tasks where you must SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETE the new level for it to count are the following:

    1. Earn 150 new stars.
    2. Win  8 “Hard Levels” .
    3. Win 3 “Super Hard Levels”.
    4. Win 6 new “Fill The Hearts” levels.
    5. Win 6 new “Dunk Cookies” levels.
    6. Win 6 new “Free The Animals” levels.
    7. Win 6 new “Free The Octopuses” levels.
    8. Win 20 “Classic Levels”.
    9. Win 6 “Spread The Jam” levels.

    Grump and Player P were very motivated to win new levels and progress to the next levels, so by pursuing their own goal of level advancement and appropriately choosing the matching Team Task for each new level, they made a huge contribution to team Uncle Bob completing these kinds of tasks.

    (2) Team Tasks where you have to MAKE THINGS or CREATE EVENTS on the New Level, BUT you only need to attempt the new level, you don’t have to win the new level and advance:

    1. “Use 500 moves on a new level”
    2. “Create 200 (striped , fish , or wrapped) candies”
    3. “Use  (Yeti, Tifi, Odus, Misty or Nutcracker) power (30 or 40) times”
    4. “Combine a fish with a striped candies 30times”
    5. “Combine a fish with a wrapped candy 30 times”
    6. “Combine a striped and a wrapped candy 30 times”
    7. “Combine a fish with a fish 30 times”
    8. “Combine a striped candy with a striped candy 30 times”
    9. “Combine a wrapped candy with a wrapped candy 30 times”
    10. “Create 20 color bombs on new levels”
    11. “Combine color bomb with a (fish , striped or wrapped) candy 20 times.”

    Some team members may NOT necessarily want to progress in CCFS, either because we are near the “end of the road” and running out of levels (like I am), or possibly just because they prefer a more relaxed savoring of the nuances of each level and want to take their time rather than just getting past it. So for players like us, finding a level that is ideal for completing Team Tasks 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, or 11 and then STAYING on that level until you complete that Team Task is a very compatible strategy. For example, for Delivery #9 and Delivery #10, our team had Team Task #11 of “Combine Color Bomb and Wrapped Candy 20 times”, and I spent most of both days generating Color Bombs on Level 4464, which only has 4 colors of candies and an open central playing field, and then getting Yeti to throw wrapped candies over to the Color Bomb, or failing that, to work the grid so that the CB and Wrapped Candy were finally next to each other. Since I could create that event only 0-3 times per attempt at Level 4464, creating 20 such events took me much of each day, but I was quite happy to spend time making those events happen to help the team get past a difficult Team Task. For me, making that Level produce those events was sufficiently challenging that I was having fun and not worried about my not progressing at all.

    In conclusion, I think a really effective DDS team needs some “make as much progress as possible through the CCFS levels” members like Grumpy and Player P, and some “use each new CCFS level to make as many useful things for the Team Tasks as possible before moving to the next level” members like myself and another member at the end-of-the-road, “Player V”. I hope you can all find a DDS team that has the right mix of players to earn a lot of team rewards! Cheers!

  • Grumpy_Old_ManGrumpy_Old_Man Posts: 582 Level 4

    I can guarantee that we would've completed at least another two rounds if I hadn't lost the event for most of the duration. At least I'm fairly sure what caused the preventable problem.

  • Uncle_BobUncle_Bob Posts: 162 Level 3

    @Grumpy_Old_Man You may well be right, but your help already allowed us to fully complete 10 deliveries, and that was a first! So you can be proud of that!

    I spent the first part of the last day creating the necessary 20 “Color Bomb + Wrapped Candy” combinations, and the rest of the day passing levels to finish the final “150 stars” Team Task. So I just had no time/lives left to start in finishing the new set of Team Tasks for Delivery #11, sigh.

    I hope you will get all the Special Events without problems from now on! Cheers!

  • Grumpy_Old_ManGrumpy_Old_Man Posts: 582 Level 4

    I was getting the events, the problem was that they played hide and seek.

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