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**I came up with the idea that was originally made by @RobinCorte and @QueenMia kindly agreed to give badges so let the fun begin!**

Welcome to King Community... 👑

👋 Hey... If you are new here, Sign up in only 2 seconds! 💝


Before you comment, please read King Community House Rules... HERE! 

Also don't forget to read King terms & conditions... HERE!


Important Annoncement:

A brand new patch has already happened for this contest from February 3rd... Check this link for more information about the badges revamps!

The big surprise that you've waiting for... ✨💞

Me the king of the wolves, Tiffi, Rachel & Jelly Queen we are created the sweetest challenge for you, Crushers... 👇

👉 Show us how many characters and costumes you have on you Scrapbook to collect your Sweetest badges! 😍

🤔 How? Very Simple... 😘

Share your Scrapbook with a screenshot to get these badges here... 👇

💫 1st Badge for 5 collections!

💫 2nd Badge for 10 collections!

💫 3rd Badge for 15 collections!

💫 4th Badge for 20 collections!

💫 5th Badge for 30 collections!

💫 6th Badge for 40 collections!

💫 7th Badge for 50 collections!

💫 8th & Most Sweetest Badge for 60 collections! **New released badge!**

🎨 More Badges Coming Soon... Rachel still doing some drawing! 🌟

📢 More information on how you can collect your badges!

You can share your screenshots everytime you want and so if you had more than 60 collections you will get all 8 badges and you should wait for new badges to pop up! Also if you had en example 15 collections you will get the 1st, 2nd and 3rd badges once you post your Scrapbook and if you want to get more badges, work for improving your Scrapbook and once you collect 5 more collections share your updated scrapbook here and you will the 4th badge, etc...

Remember, the badges will be collectable from Monday until Friday on every week and not on the weekends! 😉

⚠ Warning... Beware of Bubblegum Troll!

It is inappropriate that you steal other players screenshots, so if you are going to do that, me and Jelly Queen will send Bubblegum Troll to you and remove an opportunity to win badges!

In case if you don't want your screenshot been stolen by someone, edit your image by adding your name on it! 👍

So let's see your Scrapbooks to find who's the Candy Crush Friends Champion & Collector... 😎

🍭 You don't play Candy Crush Friends, yet?!

Well, you definitely should give it a try! 😉🥰

👉 Install the game HERE and enjoy the sugar rush... 🌟

Also don't forget to react (Sweet 👍 - WOAH 🙂 - Love 💗) into my discussion! 🎶🎵

Let's see your sweetest comments...

See you in Chocolate Mountains... 💞

🍇 Crash Bandicoot: On the Run! 💎

🎶 Wumpa Olympics... COMING SOON! 🏃‍♂️💨

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