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(FINISHED) Beat the Superstar - Beat Foley1362 and win free boosters!



  • lilaahmed
    lilaahmed Posts: 3 Newbie
    edited December 2019
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  • stramonium
    stramonium Posts: 113 Level 3
    Hi, I would like to give my opinion on submit a high score or not when you've already won the badge.

    When I won my badge, I really (relly!) needed to fight hard for it and that's what made the badge so sweet.
    The effort and the excitement!
    Without it, it wouldn't have been that interesting for me.
    There are enough badges that are easy to get.
    This one is like a trophy, and I'm not entirely sure that I think it shouldn't be.
    But then I already have one.

    This is my opinion but  my plan was to send in only one score and keep it low.
    But after trying to beat the score at level 1011 on one occasion, I realize that it is already a very high score.
  • wafercookieflippers
    wafercookieflippers Posts: 4,637 Legend
    @Foley1362 what if there were a Champions Round where those who already have a badge could compete against each other and the winner could still get the boosters? No need for a new badge. They have the badge. But this way they can compete against each other for the boosters? 

    The other option is to allow scores to be posted but not counted against other players. 

    It's all just for fun so everyone can always play the rounds and see how you stack up no matter what! ♥️🐳
  • Simon888
    Simon888 Posts: 289 Level 4
    edited December 2019
    @wafercookieflippers a sort of Champion of champions would be exciting. The big hitters going against each other. I always wondered why @QueenMia put exclamation mark after 'which they all ready have !' when announcing winners, as if we should not be competing too hard if we already won the badge :silenced:
  • gr33n3y3z
    gr33n3y3z Posts: 9,493 Level 5
    @wafercookieflippers @Simon888 those sound like excellent ideas. I would input more but i have not had enough coffee yet, its been a blah morning. 
  • wafercookieflippers
    wafercookieflippers Posts: 4,637 Legend
    edited December 2019
    @gr33n3y3z @Simon888 I am not sure there could be a separate Champion of Champions Contest. I shouldn't have said that word maybe. I meant it more as there would be a group of badge winners who can compete against each othe for only one set of boosters to go around...that would keep it very competitive, I should think. I don't know if that would work or not though. It is up to @Foley1362 and @QueenMia

    Like I said, there is also the option to post your scores and stating you are only competing against each other. In fact, I am going to be starting a Fight Club this week for those under level 500 with the same idea. There aren't prizes but it is just for fun and bragging rights. 

    I think the reason @QueenMia says that about the badges @Simon888 is because she can't give you the same badge more than once. So you technically have multiple beat the queen badges but only one will show up? 

    I am sorry. I don't know what I am saying. I need to get some rest. 🤭😂

  • gr33n3y3z
    gr33n3y3z Posts: 9,493 Level 5
    @wafercookieflippers I didn't take your words literally I think that you have a good Idea though Maybe in the future that could be worked out.

    A fight club! How funny I'm sure that will be very fun for the under 500 group. 
  • KingChewy
    KingChewy Posts: 13,713 Sweet Legend
    @wafercookieflippers - I kind of like that idea but need the boss lady to agree @QueenMia 😉🤪🤣

    @stramonium @gr33n3y3z @Simon888 - please don’t take my comments to seriously. I want each of you to compete for sure. Level 2000 was chosen with this kind of in mind actually. Figured most of you were that high and wouldn’t need to scroll that far to compete.  However @flew66 is the only one on the leaderboard so far 😄

    However I’d gladly be happy to kick your butt in a different level if necessary 😂 Maybe the champion round there is no Superstar score to initially beat and just the top 3 win that way I have more incentive to put my 💵 where my 👄 is 😆 

  • caambuj
    caambuj Posts: 1,733 Level 5
    edited December 2019
    Hi all!

    My opinion is similar to you or have a different I realy dont know. I was in top 3 for first 2 contest but when I know that there is only one badge to get I didnt go hard in other contest compare to winning contest.

    However we all are playing other games to n participate in other contests also. So its a preference how much time you give for a particular event bcz time is also a big constrant. If I am not going to receive the badge I will do my effort in other games or events.

    Moreever if there is no contest I personally would not take that badge. Here are certain set of players who participated n few among them had taken badge. If all badge winner give up then hardly players remain to participate and contest will be meaningless. 

    You can see last 2-3 contest are not so intense compare to earlier. If there is a badge for maximum top 3 finish than compition would be more real.

    We all want that other players also receive the badge but it should be with dignity not by gift.
  • wafercookieflippers
    wafercookieflippers Posts: 4,637 Legend
    edited December 2019
    Seems only fair to me that you get to compete are a beat the queen badge holder after all...🙂🤗

    @gr33n3y3z thanks! It's going to be called the "WCF (wafercookieflippers) Fight Club" and I'm starting it for those under 500 so that we can get some new competition here in the community. My idea is to have it every 500 levels but I am going to test it at the lower level first. I need to pick the level to start and we will be off and running. 🤗♥️🐳 
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