Cupcake Carl

Is there any way to get rid of cupcake Carl? I have been playing for years but I absolutely hate playing with cupcake Carl. Some of the fun in playing is that you are playing by yourself. No waiting for other players turns. I'm considering just deleting the Jelly crush game altogether.


  • firebombmarkusfirebombmarkus Posts: 5,448 Superstar
    Hi @[email protected] and welcome to our Community 😊 I am afraid there is no way to remove Cupcake Carl from the game. It's just the way this game is built and you can either accept it and continue playing or stop playing. I understand your frustration since I find him annoying too and I don't play this game often 😁
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  • ElsaElsa Posts: 16,468 Superstar
    Hi @[email protected], do you want to make a trade with me?  I'll take your Cupcake Carl if you take my Jelly Queen.  They are both terrible!
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  • alphabethyalphabethy Posts: 1
    Cupcake Carl cheats! I am supposed to go after he goes but he beats me every time and gets me really angry. I just wrote to the company to see if I can get help, i don't know why it's got so many bugs, it would be fine if Carl let me take a turn but it doesn't!!
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