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(Unsupported tool) Cheat Protocols

Hooky Posts: 136 Level 3
edited August 2019 in Discussions
Have you noticed the Cheat Protocols programmed to the Games..


  • QueenB
    QueenB Posts: 13,658 Community Manager
    Hi @Hooky😃

    Yep, we notice these tools and we do not support this. If players decide to use these tools and something goes wrong, we're not able to provide support so it's up to each player 🤷‍♀️ 
  • Hooky
    Hooky Posts: 136 Level 3
    I've noticed a lot of moves by King recently, Flying Fish deliberately landing on the wrong tiles, Detonating a Bomb and not all the correct tiles disappear, Using the Double Fish Power Up and only 1 fish appears...I feel cheated..
  • QueenB
    QueenB Posts: 13,658 Community Manager
    Oh wait, what are you referring to exactly? 

    I think I misunderstood your question and though you are referring to cheat engines/tolls/programs to help play the game.

    If you believe are games are not working properly, are you able to provide videos so we can see the levels and what is happening in the game and have a look?

    Thanks :) 

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