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Cupcake Carl/Jelly Queen

DaisokieDaisokie Posts: 2 New Bee
When will King give us the option to skip these levels? They’re boring and raise my irritation levels immensely. I would like to put cupcake Carl and jelly queen in a box and stamp on it, especially cupcake Carl with his horrid white gloves and stupid smug face. So there. 


  • marmarmar2marmarmar2 Posts: 8 New Bee
    Gosh I am glad to know I am not the only one who feels that way. when I play I really dont want to compete with any one let alone some white gloved imp!
  • DaisokieDaisokie Posts: 2 New Bee
    Same here! I play all the candy crushes apart from the latest and I’m now being forced to compete in teams in the main one! And it takes about three hours to start the game what with locked chests, feeding dragons and god knows what boring tedium. Bah bleedin humbug. 
  • Cat-13Cat-13 Posts: 245 Level 3
    edited October 2019
    You're not the only one. You are playing against the computer with the both of them. They have the upper hand, in knowing what candies to move. And if that Queen throws slime at me one moire time!!!!...I also have a problem with the flying fishes. Do you know how many times I could have won and moved on? But they go where they are not suppose to go.. Wait till you get to level 1275. The Queen gets all the breaks! when it shuffles, it's for her. The fish, even IF ITS YOURS go to her COLORS in the middle of the screen. You don't have much of a chance. Prepare to keep hitting the quit button. I use to really love playing this game. more and more I find myself complaining, than having fun. :-( 

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