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Do you want to show the World that you're a master at Candy Crush Jelly?

If you have passed level 3000, then you definitely are a great player and you deserve to get your Level 3000 Badge

How to get it?


Simply share a screenshot of your level below showing that you've passed level 3000 and you will receive your badge - Note that there can be a slight delay between for the badge to be added to your profile.

Here's how you can add a screenshot to your comment:


💡 Where will you (and everyone) see your badge?

It will be visible in your Community profile! Just by tapping on your nickname, you'll get to it. 🤗Note that badges give you points, and points give you more rewards!

Remember to wear it with pride...and congratulations!

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Wear it with pride 🌟
And Congratulations 🍒

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