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Game starts on level 301 but I'm on level 1102

backwoodsmodifiedbackwoodsmodified Posts: 3 New Bee
edited January 26 in Support
I have been playing on a Samsung Galaxy s8 logged in with FaceBook and reached level 1102. On the S8 the game starts where I left off level 1102.
When I launch the game on FaceBook directly or on any other device it begins on level 301.
I've tried logging out and closing the game on all devices and logging back in but on everything other than the S8 the game starts at level 301 and I have to spend 5 minutes scrolling to level 1102.
Also tried logging in to my King.com account on both my tablet and phone but the login and password I used to post this is rejected even after changing my password.
I have also uninstalled and reinstalled the game on my Android tablet to no avail.
How can I get the game to launch where I left off on level 1102 via FaceBook or on another device?


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