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Orange Candies

HookyHooky Posts: 112 Level 3
I'm stuck on Map 988, King dont supply enough Orange Candies so its impossible to get the 4 required Teddies to complete the Map, So frustrating, I'm on the verge of uninstalling The Game...Why Do King Spoil the Fun...?


  • donnakesslerdonnakessler Posts: 174 Level 3
    Calling the monklings Teddy’s is so adorable. Many of the levels are challenging and frustrating. If need be, take a break 🧸. Come back later, they aren’t impossible. Enjoy the Crush. 
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  • HookyHooky Posts: 112 Level 3
    I'm getting so bored and frustrated with the Game I'm on the Verge of uninstalling The App, Its a shame I really enjoyed playing the Game but I've been stuck on this Map for a Week, The usual issue with The Flying Fish not doing their Job and no where near enough Moves to complete The Map.
  • ElsaElsa Posts: 31,496 Community Hub Moderator

    Hi guys, @Hooky I haven't seen you post in a while. Have you cleared that level yet? I have noticed so many times that players come here and post about a difficult level and then the next day they write back saying that they cleared it. I hope this worked for you too.

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