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Level 1623 The game is broke

Cat-13Cat-13 Posts: 401 Level 3
edited January 11 in Level tips

For some reason my Monkey won't move down to the next level. It was working earlier but stopped. No matter what I do. It won't go to the next board. Update. It's moving But it take over 5 times (hitting them) for the flower eaters to disappear. Also you only get 10 orange candies most of the time. There is NOTHING easy about this level. Don't expect the fishes to help you also. It takes 15-20 moves alone to get to the first board and you have to get through 3 boards with only one chance to make 3 monkies. Until you get to the 3rd board and you have already run out of turns. Your boosters won't help much either. Because the fishes don't go where they are suppose to. Sorry guys. The others levels it's up to the computer. This one you better have a few lollipops to get through if you game doesn't freeze.



  • Sharon_LooseSharon_Loose Posts: 1,900 Level 5

    @Cat-13 thanks for the heads up on this level, at least you have managed to pass it.

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  • Cat-13Cat-13 Posts: 401 Level 3
    edited April 2020

    I haven't passed it. It's impossible to get 3 monkeys. It's not easy at all.

  • Cat-13Cat-13 Posts: 401 Level 3

    I just had to quit the game AGAIN because the board wouldn't let me move to the next level. I don't know why it shows you can pass a monkey on the first board because you can't. You can't get any until the third board for what I can see. What is wrong with this level????

  • Sharon_LooseSharon_Loose Posts: 1,900 Level 5

    Oops sorry I read it wrong, my excuse it was the middle of the night, as it is now, I really wish you good luck with this level.

  • Lola_PopLola_Pop Posts: 10,051 Community Manager

    Hello @Cat-13 !

    I'll have a look at this level, thanks for the information!

    Bear in mind there are some very challenging level in our Candy Crush Jelly Saga- that's part of the fun! It can take time and luck to get a board that makes it easier to achieve the goals, but every level is tested in advance to make sure it can be passed. Of course that doesn't mean that there cannot be any glitch, but in most cases it's just time, luck and skills- but you have already proved you have the latter if you're on level 1623!!

  • Cat-13Cat-13 Posts: 401 Level 3
    edited April 2020

    Challenging is one thing. But when none of your boosters don't help or the fishes, then it's up to your computer game to give us a winning board. It's shouldn't take over 50 tries to win a game.This is suppose to be fun. Especially in these times. 😀 Each game should be able to win. even with boosters. This level in these 1600, you can ONLY win by their computer. Even the ones which are suppose to be easy are not. I finally got off 1623 because the computer gave me the winning board. This is the only one by the way which kept freezing and not moving.

    Now I'm on 1625. Which is suppose to be easy. I've played this level 25 times. Don't rely on the fishes. Believe me, this is hard. Still working on it.

    Thank you for your response. Stay safe.😀

  • Cat-13Cat-13 Posts: 401 Level 3

    Update: Level 1625 is suppose to be easy. It's not. Again the fishes don't help you. And when you get the color ball The orange only comes up ONCE!!! I've now played this so called easy one 35 times.

  • ChewchewbeeChewchewbee Posts: 1 Newbie

    Level 1623 is impossible to pass. I’m only able to get 1 out of the 3 monklings. I’ll have 10 extra moves and the bar will fill up to give me another monkling and no matter what I do it won’t give me any more. This is my favorite game and it’ll be extremely sad to have to delete

  • Lady_SarinaLady_Sarina Posts: 4,135 Jelly Moderator

    Hi @Chewchewbee

    Welcome to Jelly Community 🌺

    The 1st move is used to match the 3 Black Candies on the top line to create some space.

    The 2nd move made a striped yellow candy on the top line.

    The 3rd move swiped the fish on the second line, to the right, not using the striped candy above it. That is one of those moves, that "keeps on giving", opened the board for more space and still left a Blue Striped Candy on the board for remaining usage. Creating your 1st Monkling in pic 4.

    The 4th move used that remaining Blue Striped Candy, on the left of screen, to reduce the Cupcake Blocker below it and moved the Black Candy in the 2nd line, to the right, at the same time.

    The 5th move swiped the Black Candy on the 3rd line up, to create a Black Candy Fish Combo. Another move that keeps on giving, by removing the Cupcake Blockers and making matches from the dropping candies, taking advantage of the other Fish, already in play on the board, which in turn took out the Fish Net.

    NOTE: Not sure which device you were playing on. This was played this morning on Windows 10 Microsoft PC though and only required 1 Monkling to pass. Tis also really helpful to provide screenshots and device info, to provide the same game play tips for you though.

    Hope this helps a little with strategy 🤔😊

  • Lady_SarinaLady_Sarina Posts: 4,135 Jelly Moderator
    edited January 11

    Hi @Cat-13

    Did you start the game again? Thought you were up near the end of map?

    Not sure which device you played on. This was from Windows 10 Microsoft PC and was the 2nd attempt.

    Carl can be a little tricky to play against, as he'll use any fish you've created but won't necessarily create any Fish Combos you've set up. He appears to prefer striped candy matches. Never give up though and use strategy, right down to your last move .🤗

    The first 7 moves, were to remove the cupcake blockers at the top left of screen, to open up space and allow fish to fall, from the fish canons freely. In Pic 7, the yellow candy on the 3rd line was swiped up, to remove the Cupcake Blocker on the 3rd line and create some space for Fish to fall from the canons. Which you can see in Pic 8.

    Pic 9 sees those Fish used. Doesn't matter if it's Carl, as it's great to let him continue to open up the board and leave your moves to conserve, for further strategy.

    Pic 10 shows a Striped Candy opportunity, which I took and the drop of Candies resulted in Red Fish at the top left of screen making it's way to the Fish Net, in Pic 11.

    Pic 12 shows an Orange Fish next to the last Licorice Swirl Blocker. Making this match results in the Green Candies above the Orange Fish, in the first left column, dropping, to make further Fish matches (see Pic 13). Another move that "keeps on giving", seen in pics 14,15,16 & 17.(All from move 8, leaving 7 remaining moves).

    Pic 16 shows both Fish Nets being unblocked and removing most of the frosting from the bottom right of the board. Now you get a great view of where the Pufflers are hiding.

    Pic 19 shows 5 moves remaining and this is were its important to to keep that strategy alive. 5 moves may not seem like a lot but a lot can be done, when keeping in mind the Fish Cannons on the left of the screen still. Also, are you going to let Carl move again and risk him taking out the Pufflers with multiple moves or will you use your moves instead? Everyone's different. I chose to back me and not give Carl moves.

    Pic 20 a Striped Candy is made in the left column. Pic 21 shows the results of that match being Red Fish from the dropping candies from the canons.

    Pic 22 shows the Mini Sonic Boom made from the Red Fish and the release of a Puffler from the bottom left of screen. Pic 23 shows a Yellow fish Combo made (rather than a striped candy) and "Stuns" Carl also, from being a multiple move. Pic 24 lights up the board from stunning Carl & this means a part of the board will get an additional blast in game. Leaving 1 remaining move.

    Pic 25 shows the matching of the Yellow & Orange Fish, the board blast on the remaining frosting and release of the Puffler on the left of screen. You can also see the board blast send the other fish on the board to the Puffler at the Top Right of screen. Yes there were Pufflers under the frosting at the bottom right but it's not necessary to collect those, when there are 3 available on the board. If Carl had've taken your left of screen Puffler, then you would've needed to remove more frosting to collect Pufflers from there instead.

    The final score wasn't that great but it was a pass. Hope that helps a little when contemplating strategy for the goal and in game play. 🤗🌺

  • jellykweenjellykween Posts: 1 Newbie

    I’m having this exact same issue, playing on iOS. The screenshots provided by Lady_Sarina look completely different from the version of the game I am playing. From what I can tell there’s maybe a potential glitch in the level because there’s no orange box where the monklings can generate? Also to clarify I am playing level 1623 on Jelly Saga, not the regular game.

  • madunkin1969madunkin1969 Posts: 1 Newbie

    Can anyone tell me why my level 1623 looks different from others and why do I not have an orange box for the monklings to drop in to?

  • booboo12booboo12 Posts: 6 Level 2

    For real? Cause I'll be hitting the level real soon.

  • booboo12booboo12 Posts: 6 Level 2

    I'm lost here. Someone help

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