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Master list of ideas for Candy Crush Jelly Saga

_Elsa_ Posts: 35,954 Sweet Legend
edited April 2022 in Ideas

Welcome to the list of ideas for Candy Crush Jelly Saga!

This area just opened up recently so we ask you to please read the "Welcome to our Idea Section! (read before posting)" before posting a new idea.

When you are ready to create your idea, please make sure that it hasn't been suggested yet

Be very careful when choosing your subject title and content. You might not be getting the votes because the players are unclear what you are requesting.


Welcome to our Idea Section! (read before posting)


Jelly Saga ideas about Boosters

Sweet Grabber Booster

Royal Championship: All Boosters unlimited in two groups

Hand Switch

Jelly Saga ideas about Events

Custom Fishing with Friends Teams

Whack a Cupcake Carl event

Dreamworld mini-event

Jelly Saga Ideas about rewards

Fishing with friends: Special Reward

Jelly Saga ideas about tech and gameplay

Royal Championship: Remove the animated graphics when opponent uses hammers

Hide All Button

Milestone Reward

Animations Disable for low-end devices

Ideas for the Royal Championship

Reduce cost of gold for every time your streak is broken | Royal Championship

Playing Royal Championship in Horizontal

Player's Choice of Boosters/Blockers

Ticket Bank

Laughing Emoji

Make the Royal Championship it's Own App

More (Jenny's) Emoji (Reboot Edition)

Warnings for Cheaters (Cheaters Anonymous)

Further Ideas you can upvote

Badges=Free boosters or gold bars??

Different boosters and prizes on different levels

New blocker with new game mode

Player's Score in Score Bar

Reinstate original booster & blocker

Please also check the Ideas Archive for ideas that have been suggested but will not be implemented.

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