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Master list of ideas for Candy Crush Jelly Saga

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Welcome to the list of ideas for Candy Crush Jelly Saga! This area just opened up recently so we ask you to please read the "Welcome to our Idea Section! (read before posting)" before posting a new idea. When you are ready to create your idea, please make sure that it's not already listed here. Be very careful when choosing your subject title and content. You might not be getting the votes because the players are unclear what you are requesting.


Welcome to our Idea Section! (read before posting)


Top 10 Candy Crush Jelly Saga ideas as of 6.24.2020:

30 minute wait (26)

A different approach to boosters/ blocker prizes (6)

Increase How Often Royal Championship Is Live (14)

Keep your progress "free pass" earned (9)

Make the Royal Championship it's Own App (6)

New episode theme (9)

Player's Choice of Boosters/Blockers (13)

Prize's (19)

Reinstate original booster & blocker (13)

Ticket Bank (14)

Below is the remainder of active ideas

Blocker (2)

Candyvore Bomb (1)

Daily login bonus and gifting (2)

Hard level pass (1)

Increase How Often Royal Championship Is Live (19) In Review

Live Chat Added to Community Web page for Players (6)

Long games (3)

Parther (0)

Perfect scoring (4)

Rotate all boards (5)

Tickets (1)

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