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✨Special Poll: Which of those bosses is your favorite?✨

Sofia1992 Posts: 2,526 Level 5

Hello my awesome buddies and good month to you!

After someone thought and since very recently, I started to play more and more Candy Crush Jelly Saga (and trust me, those boss battles I enjoy them so much), I decide to ask you this!

Many of you played CCJS all this time and fought those three bosses who are Jelly Queen, Cupcake Carl and Liquorice Larry so which of those three is your favorite one and why?

✨Vote and comment below!✨

And...have a sweet, good month again!~

✨Special Poll: Which of those bosses is your favorite?✨ 20 votes

Jelly Queen
Sharon_LooseDiamond_LimGlenn1972firebombmarkusSpinnifixRegalRenzcandycrushinitNamTruong2001Scott93Nikhil_KakdeSofia1992headoperationsLaVacaRosada 13 votes
Cupcake Carl
_Elsa_KingChewymatiplayNix66 4 votes
Liquorice Larry
Nat09sideout2121TailorTown 3 votes


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