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How is your week going?

Lady_ChooLady_Choo Posts: 14,363 Farm Moderator

If we know which week it is.....I feel like the friends theme tune when its not your day, your week or even your year haha. If you're still in lockdown its like that time between Christmas and new year where it all blurs into one.

So how is your week going? And for an extra challenge, say it in a gif!

We've been night owls since lockdown started so sleeping in, in the morning. But this week we seem to have had a parcel delivered before 9am or had to be out somewhere like a medical appointment. So this is me about half way through the afternoon.

☕ Keep safe...Keep social distancing. I don't like people anyway  😉☕
🐥Life's not about counting chickens. Unless they all escape their coop of course! 🐤
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