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Not getting my daily boosters

Cat-13 Posts: 540 Level 3
edited June 2020 in Discussions

Someone help! I didn't get my boosters yesterday. Today I only got them for a few minutes.

Can someone help me without being mean? Or turn it around and make the conversation not about them like marmarmar2 does?

Thanks Have a great weekend everyone.


  • DeepshikhaSharan
    DeepshikhaSharan Posts: 2,676 Level 5

    @Cat-13 Sorry for answering so late......

    Please check if you are on the latest version of Candy Crush Jelly. If you are, then please check Your Internet and if not, please update the game. If your Internet is fine and you are on the Latest Version already then:

    1)Close the game!

    2)Clear App Cache

    3)Restart the Device

    4)Check again

    I hope this helps!! Please reply and let me know for any other problem or if issue not resolved. If the issue is not resolved then please send me the App Version, Device Model and User ID

  • Cat-13
    Cat-13 Posts: 540 Level 3

    I do have the latest version. That was fixed long ago. I just didn't get my boosters for a few days. I would like them to be replaced.

    Thank you. 😄

    Have a safe weekend 😀

  • Brazzie
    Brazzie Posts: 60 Pro Player 👑

    I have never received daily boosters and I have the latest version 😕

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