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(FINISHED) 🏎️ Jelly Community Race! Show us you can pass 15 levels in a week ! Win💰and🏅

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Hello Jellycious people!

Welcome to our Jelly Community Race! 🏎

Do you think you have what it takes to pass 15 levels in a week? Well, let's see if it is true!😏

Pass 15 Levels during a week and get this exclusive community badge!


Share your level now and then again at the end of the week (you can post both screenshots in the same comment!) but both screenshots need to be of the game map. If you need help with taking a screen shot, check HERE.


From today until Monday, Sept 14th (11:00 CEST), complete 15 levels and submit your screenshots!

🏆 Prizes

If you complete the 15 Levels you will receive the exclusive Community badge + the chance to win some Gold Bars!

3 lucky players will be randomly chosen to win 20 gold bars in their Jelly Game account

To make it easier for us not to miss your badges, make sure you show us both screenshots in the comments and let us know how many levels you have passed.

Have fun and remember.. May the Community be with you 🚀

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