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NamTruong2001 Posts: 4,259 Level 5

Hello, everyone. Today I will talk about my event named “THE DREAMWORLD”.

I have just come up with this idea in my dream. So I will write the details very clearly, and I hope, just hope, studio can approve my idea and apply it for the game in the future.

I hope everyone can read all of my idea in this post clearly.


Jenny is on the way to rescue Mr. Yetti, who was trapped by Jelly Queen. But she feels so tired because her adventure is so long, so she falls asleep. But she’’’’ is still not awake. Odus will help you wake her up.

How to play:

Just like other events, you will have 5 levels. Each level will give you boosters to boost up your gameplay after passing a level. After completing all levels, Jenny will wake up and she will continue her adventure.



I don’t think about it much, but it wont be able to have boss levels on the map. Levels may be the same on the main map or designed exclusively.

Map structure: (just in my dream)


Odus will host the game and introduce some of new elements in this mini event.

Moon Scale and Moon Struck:

I borrom them from the original Candy Crush that were removed very long timr, but O do change some of their mechanise. I will talk later.

Level type:

Jelly, Puffler and Monkling (normal level)

Music Theme:

I still don’t think about it L

Board structure:

***The "i" buttom will show up players' ranking, just like original Candy Crush***

Moon Scale:

It is borrowed from the original Candy Crush, but I have a bit change for this element.

Defaultly, it is a balance scale for Odus. You will need to collect total of 180 candies to fulfill the scale. 90 for each side. When the moon scale is full, of course, Moon Struck will be activated. I will talk to it later.

However, if you let Odus fall, you will be frozen out and have to replay. Defaultly, Odus will fall out when the tilt of the scale reachs 30. In 5 candies, Odus will open his eye. In 10 candies, he will be worry. And in 20 candies, he will be panic.

The number will be change into exact candy color when the scale is skewed.

When one side of the scale is full of candies, it will stop getting candies. The other side will continue its job until it is full.

Moon Struck:

  • How it works:

It is also borrowed from the original Candy Crush, and I also change its mechanism.

When the moon scale is fulfilled with all 180 candies, Moon Struck will be activated and you will have 5 moves to swipe the board before it ends. (Yeah! That is the big different!)

When the cascades end, the game will be back to normal.

(Unlike the original, when the task is completed, it will be back to normal automatically. But in here, I apply the mechanism on Flash version.)

All Moon Scale and Moon Struck are only applied in levels with 5 or 6 candy colors.

With 6-color levels, Moon Struck will remove a 2 candy colors in both sides on the scale.

But with 5-color levels, Moon Struck will only remove one candy color that is fulfilled at the last time. It means if you fulfilled all candies at the left side of the scale, Moon Struck will remove candy at the right side when you complete fulfilling. (And opposite)

Icon on map: (it is just like other mini events)

The last thing, I hope studio could consider and approve my idea and give it a new name for it. Thank in advance!

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