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Dear community,

We'd like to invite you to participate in a new Story! 📝

----NO TITLE YET!----

One fine day, the Candy Monklings were happily playing on a Jelly Tree🌳. Some were jumping from branch-to-branch🌿. Some were eating the Jelly on the tree🍮! After some time, the discovered something strange about the tree🔎.... They had eaten a lot of jelly🍴....but it didn't seem to end, it was looking like the jelly was infinte♾! This was the first time they had seen something like this happen, everyone was surprised🎉! Soon, they saw that few monklings were missing, it was _____ behind this!

@Elsa filled in the blank(in the last sentence) with Jelly Queen.


Complete the Story!


1) Each sentence has to be lower than 20 Words.

2) You can post as many times as you want but before that you will have to wait for someone else to post!

3) You have to continue the story from the last comment!

4) It is required to use atleast one Emoji in every sentence!

5) Prizes-None.

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