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Limit to the cage usage

Nikolaos_Prodromidis Posts: 4,824 Jelly Moderator
edited October 2021 in Ideas Archive


There is a change to the blockers/boosters usage since a lot of months and after the appearance of the newer arenas, this is more obvious: it is the cage overuse!

The cage is a supporting feature of RC, but now it has been the main strategy for many players! The same happens with the hammers, but it is not so disturbing!

It happened to me, my opponent to cage me 4 times in the same set of 2 moves and also get ready to cage me again on the next set! On the other hand, if a player cages the other so many times, the other player has not the opportunity to play and develop hes/hers strategy!

Cage has a purpose: this is to protect a player from extra dangerous situations, as a colorbomb fallen from the sky, a combination of striped and wrapped candies side by side etc!

So it could be nice if there were limitations to the number of cages in a match!

If a player has a limited number of cages available in a match (1-2), then this player has to think wisely when and where is going to use the cage! 😀

My idea is that Studio has to put a limit to the cage usage! (if this has to affect the other boosters as well it is o.k.)

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