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Obnoxious players

TaraFB Posts: 31 Pro Player 👑

Seriously ... the death by a thousand cuts people are obnoxious . I mean ... they clearly can win with one move but they place all these stupid bombs snd blocks unnecessarily just to use up their stash . It’s super annoying . And the relentless emoji people too . Like .. your not distracting me . You’re annoying .


  • Spinnifix
    Spinnifix Posts: 23,346 Sweet Legend

    Hello and welcome to our friendly community

    Please be kind. If you have a question or a problem please tell me and I will help you. I will also mark the Jelly Moderator and he will surely be happy to help you in a friendly way.

    Please be nice to her!

    Thank you


  • shalaynamoffatt
    shalaynamoffatt Posts: 16 Level 2

    I know this frustration all too well. Just this morning I had to leave a game because every time I had a move that would take me away from breaking the same 3 blocks over and over again, my opponent would break enough of the blocker’s color and prevent me from progressing. And they just kept sending the laughing emoji after every block and I finally had enough. I’m not sure what device you’re playing on, but I know in the app for IOS you can disable the emoji’s but I’m not sure if that prevents your opponent from sending them as well, but I’d have to assume so. I love RC, but it can be so unbelievably frustrating at times that it’s not even worth playing.

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