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✨ Let's talk Gaming - Part 4 Blockers ✨

Lady_Sarina Posts: 5,617 Level 5
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✨ G'Day Jelly Crew ✨

✨ Let's talk Gaming - Part 4 Blockers ✨

Blockers! The Elements that make the game challenging and determine our goal and strategy in the game! When the board opens we can either look at it and think "not too bad, I think I got this" or maybe "Hmmm I might have to think about this for a quick minute!". 🤔😊

Their placement will effect your Game Play and thinking about this will help you see what type of Board it is and therefore what moves you're going to make. Different Boards = different strategies.😎🤩

  • Excavation (digging your way through layers of Blockers)
  • Endurance (conserving moves or multiple boards for the long haul)
  • Puzzle (clearing corners first, limited play space or tricky Candy pathways)
  • Explosion (Special Candy Combos to blast open play space or spread Jelly and take out multiple blockers at once)

So the Blockers...Here we go! 😅🤔

Fishing Nets

You need fish to open up these nets, so that they will release fish, to take out your Blockers, open space, and spread Jelly. Once opened, their tile will be free if you need to spread Jelly. Generally they release about 6 fish.

For Giant Nets, it will require more effort but you will get a good amount of Fish released to help on the Board.

Liquorice Lock

This is a “cage” like effect and prevents Candies from being moved or destroyed. To remove it you will need to match 3 or more Candies next to it, of the same colour, that’s locked in it. Note: that it will have different properties if it is on a tile of Jelly Colour and spread that colour of Jelly, which it is on.

If placed on top of a Liquorice Swirl it will create a solid Blocker that requires extra effort to break.

Liquorice Swirl

This is a barrier that can be moved or “swapped” with a Candy that's next to it.

Don't waste Striped Candies on them though, as it'll still only take out 1 Swirl. Even though all the Lollipops will do the trick, still use them wisely!

A Liquorice Lock can also be added to it, forming a more solid Blocker that needs more hits to remove.


These guys will pick and gobble up Candies, after every couple of moves and prefer Special Candies, as they regenerate it's health (the leaves).

Blasts from Special Candies or Fish will remove a leaf and once they're all gone, so is the Candyvore! Leaving it's tile free.

Multiple blasts, one after the other are the best way to get rid of them quickly. Fish attacks followed by Striped Candy blasts work well.

Liquorice Laces

The image directly to the left, needs only 1 hit to unravel the chain of laces. This is the one to take out first if you can. It resembles a 4 Dot Domino Tile. Then the chain will unravel and free up space on the Board.

Laces can come in up to 5 Layers. 1 chain is 4 laces long. Each Lace requires more hits than the prior one, as it goes up the chain.

The Lace tile to the left is 3rd in the Lace chain and therefore requires more hits than the 2 Lace Tiles before it. Which is why it's better to take out the first link (4 dot "Domino" lace).

The last ink in the Liquorice Lace chain (image to the left) will require the most hits to unravel. Avoid wasting moves on this if you can. Wrapped Candies exploding next to a chain do a great job in blasting it!

Cotton Cloud

These come in multiple layers, especially on an Excavation Boards.

They can contain Candies and Blockers inside them and Pufflers like to hide in them!

Jelly Cubes

These are transparent, hiding Candies inside them, that can't be matched. However if there is a clear space next to one, a Candy can be moved with it to create a match if the colour is the same in a 3 or more match.

Special Candies or Fish can be used to break the cube.


The Jelly Creature who regenerates it's health (the 4 arms) much like the Candyvore! Yes the arms regrow with each move you make, when this creature does not take a hit after the initial one! Beware the arms as they can grow very long if not taken out by a match and block your Board, limiting Play Space.

If it is solid, just like the image to the left, it will need hitting 3 times with Special Candies or Fish. However, if it has a clear centre, in which you can see the Candy inside it, them it will require less hits.


The image directly to the left requires only 1 hit to take out this Cupcake. Either by a 3 or more match or Special Candy. All Lollipops can do it too but save them, unless you really need it to clear space.

The more filling a Cupcake has, the more hits it needs to be removed from Game Play.

Single Layers are the easiest to remove.

Cupcake Blockers can come in multiple rows, especially on an Excavation Board or strategically placed on a Puzzle board.

Booster/ Combo blasts or Candy matches/ Special Candies will remove them also. Also a 3 Candy match will work but takes multiple matches.


Once Cotton Clouds are removed you'll usually find layers of Frosting that need to be removed beneath them. Multiple hits are usually needed to remove it and Pufflers hide in it too.

If these are on your Endurance Board, then think carefully about your moves as you will need to conserve them. Special Candies and Candy Combos are great for this!



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