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Gold bars disappearing while ranking up

Ace94Ace94 Posts: 19 Level 2
edited May 2021 in Support

Hello there folks !  I had previously messaged king support many times about my Gold bars automatically getting deducted from 92 to 87 then 62. Now once again today it has been automatically reduced to 47;I have noticed these Sudden deductions happen to occur when I rank up and am forced to tap on the screen to continue (which by the way is facing an error Per se, as it shows promoting to rank 163 from 161 without actually getting  there) 

If my gold bars don’t get restored , I have no inclination to continue playing candy crush jelly as it’s considered a type of theft and the height of fraudulent activity. 

Are you guys facing the same issue? If the answer is yes do you really think it’s worth playing ?



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