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🏁 Ready...steady...go!! Race it with Jelly!

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Hello Jellylicious players!

Race it- that’s the new feature in the game! Do you want to learn some more about it?

🏎️ When does a race starts?

As soon as you start a new Jelly Episode, a new race starts! Also, if you've been progressing offline, you'll see a new race starting when you connect to the Internet in case you've completed less than 50% of an episode.

🏎️ When does it finish?

The race finishes when the player finishes the last level of the episode

🏎️Who will you be matched with?

You'll be matched with 4 other random players- will you be faster than them?

➡️ Now it's YOUR turn- tell us please:

🤩 Are you excited about this new race?

😁 Have you already got the feature in your game?

❤️ What do you like about it?

🤪 What could we do better?

Race it, Jellies!

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