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( FINISHED ) 🍩 Candy Crush Jelly Saga -- Community Summer Fun Contest 🍩



  • rebelchild
    rebelchild Posts: 14,182 Level 5

    @PummyRaj . And @Lady_Sarina . Thanks for this fun competition and tag. My choices are

    1 yetis nostrils

    2 buttons on the cuff of carl

    3 the thing sticking out of umbrella on right( is it a straw?) Is a different color

    4 the camera lenses lacks details

    5 top of green umbrella isn't brown

    6 lime wedge on the bottom has extra seeds in it

  • aijaziqbal
    aijaziqbal Posts: 8,884 Sweet Legend


    Here are my answers.

    1- nostrils of Yeti

    2- green umbrella top

    3- Cupcake Carl cufflinks

    4- The camera lens

    5- Straw in drink (purple)

    6- Lime

  • Moh1977
    Moh1977 Posts: 7,564 Level 5

    Hi @PummyRaj

    Thanks @Lady_Sarina

    My answer is

    1- Nose of Yeti .

     2- The color of the canopy is green on top.

     3- One of Carl's cupcake sleeve buttons is missing .

     4- viewfinder.

     5- Spots on a slice of green lemon.

     6- The color of the stick on the canopy under Karl.

  • DieOmimi
    DieOmimi Posts: 29,744 Friends Moderator

    @PummyRaj my answer:

    1 button is missing from Carl's cuff

    2 Lens of Yeti's camera is missing

    3 Yeti no longer has nostrils

    4 Under Carl, a straw looks out of the shrimp with a different color

    5 On the upper shade, the tip at the top has a different color 

    6 The green lime slice has more dots on the right side

  • aautz1
    aautz1 Posts: 1,501 Level 4

    I love doing these

    1. Top umbrella has different color tip

    2. Yeti camera on bottom doesn't have lens.

    3. More spots on top green slice

    4. Carl's glove on bottom has extra button

    5. Upper right hand juice has a stick of different color under Carl

    6. Yeti nose on top has nostrils

    My answer

  • PummyRaj
    PummyRaj Posts: 24,017 Candy Moderator

    That made me laugh @Greymane 🤣 🤣 😃


  • Nadia1770
    Nadia1770 Posts: 830 Level 5

    My answers:

    1 Cupcake Carls button.

    2 Umbrella color on the top.

    3 Yetis nostrils

    4 Color of stick on umbrella under Carl

    5 Lime spots.

    6 Reflection in lens.

  • Werner_Cichy
    Werner_Cichy Posts: 28,676 Crushing Legend

    The camera lens.

    Yeti’s nostrils.

    Tip on the green umbrella.

    Button missing on Cupcake Carl’s cufflinks.

    The straw in the purple drink purple drink.

    Lime has extra spots.



  • 95chata
    95chata Posts: 702 Level 3


    Thank you for the tag but I don’t think I can participate. There are so many events or competitions that I haven been tagged for but seems like I don’t qualify to participate in many of them…. It’s a bummer because I would like to. 🙁

    I don’t even think I have the option to use the “spoiler warning” 🤔

    Thank you,

  • Kezabelle3
    Kezabelle3 Posts: 2,364 Level 4

    Hi 👋

    The 6 differences are...

    1 - top of umbrella is green

    2 - Yeti's nostrils are missing

    3 - button is missing on cuff of the shirt

    4 - shine on camera lense is missing

    5 - mixer stick is pink not purple

    6 - lime missing some pips

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