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shadyvenus311shadyvenus311 Posts: 142 Level 2

The biggest problem I have with this game is that Kennedy Crash Jellyfish has a plan because they go wherever they want to any house they want and this game is not under our control at all and we can not control which house they go to. While if this game is for us, we have to control it. It has happened many times that I did my best to play carefully to win, but these mindless fish have caused me to lose by going to the wrong houses every time. The part of the fish is coming. I am nervous and upset. Please help and plan this part. The fish should listen to us and move according to our instructions and go to the house we choose. Please pay attention. I have been raising this issue for a long time, but unfortunately you have not changed anything 


  • shadyvenus311shadyvenus311 Posts: 142 Level 2

    Thank you very much to the creators of this game and those who worked hard. Do not be tired

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  • shadyvenus311shadyvenus311 Posts: 142 Level 2

    I am very addicted to this game. When I wake up, the first thing I do is pick up the phone and continue playing, and I fall asleep until the last moment while playing.

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