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πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» The Studio Answers: Q&A with our developer eliodeb- Part 2!

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"It's an amazing feeling when we release something new in the game and people enjoy it" (@eliodeb , Candy Crush Jelly Saga developer)

If you had fun reading part 1 of the amazing interview with @eliodeb, get ready for a second part with more insightful answers, straight from the Jelly Studio!

We hope you enjoy the read!

Q: How you select moves of a level? (by @Sukanta_Biswas)

A: Usually our level designers pick a number and then choose the blockers accordingly. They set a limit for themselves to be between 20-25 moves to make sure the levels aren't taking too long.

Q: I have seen in most cases, when playing according to the rules, the level is almost passed by the last move or in some cases for 1 move we fail to pass the level. That is, do you check the level by playing it yourself before the level is released or is it selected through a calculation? (by @Sukanta_Biswas )

A: Yes, we play every level before we release it, but due to the cascading of the candies and their spawning, there is a certain randomness to each level, which causes said variances in each playthrough.

Q: Candy Crush Jelly is about to reach level 5000, will we see something in the game to celebrate? (by @Andres-2)

A: We are planning to do something for the event, but we are not ready to share any details, yet. ;-)

Q: What are the biggest obstacles when designing a level? (by @bekicrusher)

A: Our level designers say that the biggest challenge is making sure the level has the right difficulty and doesn't break, so that the objective is always reachable for the player. Another big challenge is to make the level challenging, while keeping it fun.

Q: If you had to win a potato sack race with a partner and your opponents would be Yeti and Tiffi (from Candy Crush Saga), who would you pick as your partner and why? (by @bekicrusher)

A: I asked around the team and everyone picked a different character:

- the Jelly Queen. She is mean enough to make sure we win ;D

- Larry, he is a rabbit he can jump high!

- Jelly Queen for sure! She'd have some hidden trick under her sleeve to make us win :D

I'd personally pick The red rabbit of course he jumps fast!

Q: My question is what takes your mind off course and brings you back to the creative side when you feel burnt out or like you need a change of mind in order to create your game ? (by @me6412)

A: For all of us, reading and engaging with the community gives us a great boost! Exercise, reading, exploring the outside world and playing other games give us ideas and make us recharge our batteries. For our level designers for example they get inspired by their non-work-related life or vacations. During vacation they really get to recharge their creativity and come back fully motivated to bring some awesome stuff to all of you!

Q: What is your motivation when creating new designs for games? (by @nguyenanhduy1591999)

A: Our game designers’ main motivation is our players having fun! It's an amazing feeling when we release something new in the game and people enjoy it. We try to design things that keep the game fresh and entertaining while maintaining its essence

Q: I have never had the chance to play in the championship because the arena is always closed. I have been told on this site that it is because I play on PC. Is there any chance this will be changed and open the arena to all? (by @MollyS)

A: It's great that you like the Championship! :D A feature requires extra maintenance work for each different device we open it to, right now we are focusing on mobile devices.

Q: As a developer, are you developing new levels or creating new events? (by @MollyS)

A: The whole team is constantly thinking of and designing new features for the game, and we are planning some time-limited events for the near future : D

Q: I have been writing short stories about our King characters. When I wrote the first Candy Crush Jelly Saga story it was about Jelly Queen capturing Yeti and jellifying him. I asked the CM at that time to find out if Yeti ever came back and the studio told her NO. Will Yeti ever be freed from her entrapment? I did write another story about Jenny finally freeing him and bringing him home. All of the characters were so happy and Jenny invited all her friends to a picnic honoring his homecoming. But our poor Yeti suffered with PTSD. Jelly Queen was not nice to him. (by @Elsa)

A: We would love for Yeti to be freed in the future! Stay tuned!

Thanks Jellies for your interesting questions, and thanks @eliodeb for your insightful answers! πŸ€—


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