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🍬 Jellybeans: Collect them for sweet rewards!

Lola_Pop Posts: 11,809 Community Manager

Hi Jellies!

Are you ready for something new? Introducing…the Community Jellybeans!

🍬 What is it all about?

Jellybeans are the new treat in the forum. A fun way to participate and enjoy the Jelly Community with your fellow players while getting rewards for your game! It's NOT a contest where you CAN get a prize: you EARN those Jellybeans, that means that every player will get to exchange them for a reward (if they collect the minimum amount announced)!

🍬 How do they work?

By participating in some specific threads in the forum, you’ll collect some Jellybeans (you'll find the amount of Jellybeans in each Jellybean Challenge thread). Keep collecting them, and once a month, you’ll be able to exchange them for sweet rewards for your game! The more Jellybeans you earn, the better rewards you’ll get.

🍬 Where will I find them?

In word searches, math games, find the differences, contests or other threads…just look out for the Jellybean banner! It looks like this:

(courtesy of @Lady_Sarina )

Heads up! The games and challenges can be open for weeks…or just for hours, so keep your eyes open and don’t miss any chance to collect Jellybeans.

🍬 What can I do with them?

You can exchange them for juicy rewards:

50 Jellybeans – 1 Gold Bar

100 Jellybeans – 3 Gold Bars

150 Jellybeans – 5 Gold Bars

200 Jellybeans- 10 Gold Bars


🍬 Where and when can I exchange my Jellybeans?

Once a month, you’ll see a thread where you can tell us how many Jellybeans you’ve collected. The thread will be open for one week, so you have time to think about your Jellybean strategy. 


🍬 How much time do I have to collect the Jellybeans?

This first Jellybean Challenge will last until the 31st of December. You’ll get a chance to redeem your Jellybeans on the 30th of October and the 30th of November, or you can also keep collecting them until the last day of the Challenge- that’s up to you and your strategy! After the 31st of December, nobody will be able to redeem their Jellybeans though!

🍬 Please bear in mind...

This is an experiment- we're open to your feedback (as long as you keep it sweet!), and we'll be glad to answer to the questions that might arise here below.

If the experiment is a success, we might have a second go of this Jellybean project once this one ends.

What are you waiting for? Start your collection now!

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