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Unused Arenas

NatalieG Posts: 628 Pro Player 👑
edited October 2023 in Ideas Archive

@Nikolaos_Prodromidis, @Lady_Sarina


In going through your Arena Tips, hints etc. Why are some Arenas not in use? I know there are some that have been replaced with a similar play, but I remember when I first started playing Royal Championship Arena 13/16 was one of the Arenas in play. That was one of my favorites. Is it possible to bring some of those back into the rotation in Royal Championship?

I most certainly would love to play some of the Arenas I've never played before and love to play once again some of those that I have. Besides it most certainly will be fun to strategize your play in different Arenas!


This was one of my favorites to play!

@Nikolaos_Prodromidis said this was Arena 13

*At the top of the Arena, I loved the placement of the Ghosts (not sure if that's the correct name) that covered striped candies and lollipops.

You also had two Ghosts at the bottom of the Arena covering two striped candies as well.

Also the bottom of the Arena is covered with blockers that are used in Arena 12 and some of the other Arenas.

All of these blockers are easily removed when you position the candies you have opened to you in order to either burst the Ghosts or power up your lollipop in order to break them.

You also had the basic cage covering striped candies and once you were able to break them, usually they helped you to break up some of the blockers on the bottom on that side of the board.

Once you could do either of those moves, the candies flowed to the bottom of the board.

*I generally play the basic lollipop and the basic cage. Besides not knowing which board you will play or which boards are in the rotation, the basic lollipop and cage generally works for me.

*The board layout is amazing to me. It is eye catching. It was at the time I first played it intimidating, but once you got the feel of the board and the ease of unlocking boosters within the game already in place, I found that the board flowed with ease. My strategy on this board was to unlock as many of the striped candies and wrapped lollipops. Once you could do that you then tried to stop your opponent from unlocking theirs or turning your unlocked candies into theirs.

*On this board I would not change anything! You already have plenty of striped candies and wrapped lollipops, besides the possibility of making your own.

*Me personally, my factoring of my opponents play never takes away my enjoyment of playing Royal Championship. Of course I sometimes get frustrated, but Royal Championship is my FAVORITE game to play period!

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