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Owing up

Jelly_bean_hearts Posts: 461 Level 3
edited June 2022 in Off-topic

Jellybean walked out of the house, holding Jenny’s diary in her hands. Jellybean told a puffler to take Jenny’s diary while she was sleeping and pass it to her.She was going to the beach and she called both Pastel and Jenny to meet her there.

At the beach, Jellybean waited for Jenny to arrive. Pastel arrived first and Jellybean instructed her to hide behind the bushes first. When Jenny saw Jellybean, she looked upset.

“Why did you take me here?” Jenny asked lividly.

Jellybean told Jenny everything and passed her the diary.

”I’m telling you, it’s not me. This is a misunderstanding,” Jellybean told Jenny, then called Pastel.

Pastel appeared shyly. Guilt struck her as she told the truth.

”You see, I called Pastel yesterday and told her everything. I took a picture of the diary and send it to her. When she saw the diary, she eventually gave in and said that she was the culprit. Jenny, please forgive me. I would never tell your secret to everyone. Best friends keep secrets and make promises. Please, let’s call it truths and start over. Friends?” Jellybean asked and extended her hand.

Jenny took her hand and hugged her, crying.

”I’m so sorry for blaming you Jellybean. I should have trusted you. After I heard everyone talking about my secret, I felt stressed and scared and I started acting weird and crazy. But then I realised that a best friend like you will never betray me. I missed you,” Jenny apologised, crying.

Jellybean patted her back and stroke her. Pastel on the other hand walked towards Jenny and apologised to her. Jenny hugged her and accepted her apology.

“Let’s go get some ice cream. You can come too Pastel,” Jellybean said.

Pastel did a happy somersault and joined Jellybean and Jenny. The three of had ice cream sundaes while chatting together.

”I’m glad to have my bestie back,” Jellybean said and hugged Jenny.

Start at the beginning —> Jenny vs. Jellybean — King Community


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