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🍬 Jelly Jar 🍬 1 Day Only

Lady_SarinaLady_Sarina Posts: 5,425 Jelly Moderator
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🍬 Jelly Jar 🍬 1 Day Only

Hi Jellies!🤗

Welcome to the first ever Jelly Jar! A new twist on the YUM 🌺

Let's hear what you all think about the new container?

Do you prefer the YUM or the Jelly Jar?

No I won't be having them all to myself, even though the Party mix looks Yummy lol! I'll be gifting them to my Mum when I next go to the City!🌺🌺


🍬 Check out the Jelly Jar in the pic above ↗️🧐

🍬 Guess the amount of Party Mix Lollies in the Jelly Jar.

🍬 The guessing range is between 440 - 640

🍬 1 guess only per participant please🤗

🍬 Please place your answer in a spoiler to keep it fun!


🍬 Each participant with a valid entry will receive 30 Jellybeans for their collection for this bonus Activity 🤩

🍬 Each participant will receive the first ever Jelly Jar Bar Badge below ⬇️

🍬 The participant guessing the exact number of Lollies in the Jelly Jar will receive 50 Gold Bars for their Jelly Saga Game😎😊

Have fun Everyone & enjoy! 🌈

Contest closes Friday 1st July at 3pm CET time - 1 Day Event Only!

(Yes I've extended the closing of Jellybean Activities, so we can bring this Bonus Activity to you all first!💜💓)

T & C



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