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Better Boosters and Blockers in Upper Levels

NatalieG Posts: 628 Pro Player 👑
edited October 2023 in Ideas Archive

I love to play Royal Championship! Each tournament I spend 49 gold bars to play for 24hr, to only win 15 gold bars, that is if I have the first position on my board. That's my choice. I am a fan of having the option to buy boosters and blockers, usually 30 gold bars at a time. That option has now disappeared. So what's left? I win tickets I can NEVER use! When I get to the upper levels I win mediocre prizes prizes, like wiggling and licorice swirl. Gone are the better blockers, cupcake and fishnet. And the boosters are not worth your work in winning the chests. I would like to see better boosters and blockers in those upper levels. For boosters I would like to see more stripped lollipops and wrapped lollipops. For blockers I would like for them to bring back earnings cupcakes and fishnets. How about you?

I hope I have done this right so that you can vote to have better boosters and blockers in the upper levels. Please vote!

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