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DieOmimi Posts: 29,471 Friends Moderator

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Hello dear Jellies,

I discovered a new feature. When you're at the end of the map, you can repeat random levels set by the game. This feature has been around for a while. What's new is: You get great rewards!

Here's what it looks like:

How does it work? 👇

  • random levels are played, which are selected by the game / system
  • the player has no influence on which levels he receives
  • you have to win the level to fill the progress bar
  • if you lose the level, then you also lose a life
  • you don't get a new random level. You have to try the assigned level as many times until you make it.
  • once the required number of random levels has been completed, you will receive a reward.

What can I win? 👇

  • if you win 3 random levels, you will receive a lollipop
  • after that you have the opportunity to win 4 more random levels and get a striped lollipop
  • in the next task you have to win 5 random levels and get free living for an hour
  • then you can play 6 random levels and have to win them. As a reward there is a wrapped lollipop
  • the last task is to win 7 random levels to get a color bomb lollipop

How long do I have time? 👇

When you reach the end of the map, the function will be displayed to you. New levels appear every Wednesday. If you reach the end of the map on Wednesday, you have one week until new levels appear. The remaining time will be displayed in the function.

Example (4 days remaining):

How often can I play? 👇

You can play as many times as the feature is available. After the last task, the task begins again, in which you play 3 random levels and get a lollipop.



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