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A Halloween Maze!

Princess_Jessica Posts: 6,579 Jelly Moderator
edited October 2022 in Discussions

Hello friends as this Halloween approaches Jenny wanted to bring some fun to the community 🥳

Jenny is excited because Halloween is almost here! Her phone rings and it’s Tiffi calling her.

“Hi Jenny, are we getting together for Halloween?” Tiffi asks. “I wanted to let you know that I am on Google searching for some Halloween things to post in the Players’ Corner. I found some riddles, trivia and a Halloween maze. I found two of them so I’ll send you one if you want to post it in the Jelly community.”

Jenny is not sure if she will be able to make it to Candy Town for Halloween but promises to get back to Tiffi to give her an answer as it gets closer to the holiday. 

Tiffi’s email comes with the maze. Now that’s cute! She opens up her tablet and posts it.

Which route will take you to the bag of candy at the end of the maze?


• A

• B

• C

• D (Source)


you have the option of attaching the image once you have complete this maze or posting your answer in a spoiler box



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