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holliedolly2002 Posts: 120 Level 2

@NatalieG @Nikolaos_Prodromidis @Nadia1770

It's such a shame that after all these years of RC running that the serial blockers have still not developed any skills. Played a few games yesterday as my favourite arena was running. The blocking as usual was phenomenal. I am sure they think if they don't use them, they will be they will suffer a fate worse than death. Very pleased to report that I had a very good run of luck and won all my games and even more pleased to report that not once did I use my blocker. This should be testimony to all you serial blockers that you can win a game without blocking and even more importantly you can win despite being blocked at every turn. The game is ending soon play fairly and let everyone enjoy the remaining time of his game - the satisfaction of wining fairly is so much nice than aggressive blocking and just cheating a win and you also develop skills - try it its good!


  • Nikolaos_Prodromidis
    Nikolaos_Prodromidis Posts: 5,374 Jelly Moderator

    @holliedolly2002 you are absolutely right!

    It is good that you won all your games! I was not so lucky on this event and because I have a lot of work, I stopped playing since several hours! However, the little I played I met many blockers!! They are not going to stop! Now that R.C. is going to finish after some time, I wonder why they decided to introduce cages and other blockers, while they are not existing in the main game!

  • holliedolly2002
    holliedolly2002 Posts: 120 Level 2

    @Nikolaos_Prodromidis sorry you didn't have much luck - if it's any consolation mine has run out! Like you I need to be concentrating on my work so I will wait for my lives to refill and give it another go but definitely on losing streak now.

  • holliedolly2002
    holliedolly2002 Posts: 120 Level 2

    @Nikolaos_Prodromidis I think the reason I won is because serial blockers focus their attention on filling up their blockers and use their lollipop to bang anything blue to fill it up that they miss vital moves and leave the board open. It's not always the case sometimes I have been unable to even take a go but on that run of five tickets it went in my favour. You can instantly tell what you opponent is like. I find when they move the candies very quickly/aggressively and the moment that lollipop fills up they hit anything you know you have just met a serial blocker. They all seem to have the same style of play:- bash, block and think later.

  • Nadia1770
    Nadia1770 Posts: 830 Level 5

    Hi @holliedolly2002!

    I am sure that serial blockers will be here, till the end! 😡

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