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Level 6287 A rip off of boosters!!!

Cat-13 Posts: 598 Level 3

I'm really mad at your game. I DON'T like getting ripped off!!!!!

I played level 6287 for over an hour. Not one game gave me a winning hand. How does that happen playing a game over 100 times?

Just now I used my gold bars. I did so, because it was only 3 cupcakes left. It wasn't much left and today is a two booster day.

I had a ball hit one of the fishes. There was sooooo many fishes they went everywhere BUT the cupcakes!!!!! I don't like being ripped off. Needless to say, the other four moves left there was no striped candies, or boosters, or fishes.

So I wasted my gold bars.

Yesterday I wasted my time with the one hour 

Today is the boosters

So now I won't have a two booster day by the time you fix it.



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