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🌟 POLL OF THE WEEK 💫Which game do you prefer 🤔

Princess_Jessica Posts: 6,577 Jelly Moderator

Hello everyone!!

With spring in the air comes new things. With new things comes new contest and discussions. I want to start this year off with some new fun contest, discussions and great ideas. So I wanted to do a poll to see which contest your prefer. I am open to any and all suggestions, so leave your feedback I would greatly appreciate it 😊

Let's welcome spring by participating in a poll 🤗

I would like to know if you prefer these kinds of contest or level contest. If you prefer level contest then choose other and comment explaining. Like I said I'm open to any and all ideas💡so leave your feedback and let's see what our next upcoming contest will be 🤔

Come on in guys and give me ideas for some upcoming contest 😍

Let's get >>>

🌟 POLL OF THE WEEK 💫Which game do you prefer 🤔 34 votes

Math contest
bearwithmesiti_payungmaf34100Kiki_gteeweiping 5 votes
Crossword contest
La Leybritty1731 2 votes
Maze contest
Word search contest
greddycandyRacoon7Palash_SarmaLadyGaivmanAmoonmoonLeFlarcaneNico_GShagunprozainab786task7n 10 votes
Find the difference (in 2 pictures) contest
Julie_AndrewsThmoAndres-2Peanut7139SpinnifixNamTruong2001MiladyRNikolaos_ProdromidisKingsDaughter14carmenechevarriaXxanderTamara73 12 votes
Code contest
LoveDachsBellamy32 2 votes
Other (please explain)
EOTheGr8rebelchildLady_Sarina 3 votes


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