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St. Patrick's Day Art Contest 🎨

Princess_Jessica Posts: 6,673 Jelly Moderator
edited March 20 in Contests

Hello everyone!!

Welcome to a special art contest! And say hello to our lovely Irish Jenny 👋 In this contest I want you to color Jenny to make her look Irish or just have fun and use your imagination and color her the way you see her looking 🎨 So get out your crayons and have some colorful fun! 😊

Historians say that St. Patrick's Day color was blue, not green. The use of green on the holiday became common during the 1600s and 1700s, when the clover became a symbol of nationalism and wearing green on lapels became the norm.

For every player who participates in this coloring contest will receive this lovely badge. So Come join me in some coloring fun and earn a badge 🤗

While your coloring an art sheet, Chicago will be coloring their river. Every year since 1962, the city dyes the river green using 40 pounds of powder, which reacts with the water to produce a green color. Don't worry, it's environmentally-friendly!

So Come join us all in coloring on St. Patrick's Day!

This contest has no time limit so everyone who joins later can receive this beautiful badge 😊

Ps......Please have all of your art turned in by March 24th so it can be previewed on a special video



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