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Cities Game 🏙️

Snow_Rider Posts: 1,609 Community Manager
edited October 2023 in Contests

Hi players! Our community is so big and so diverse. We literally have Jelly players from all around the world! Taking this opportunity, I want to invite you to join a game, which is called Cities, to learn how many cities/towns you know! 🗺️


The rules are simple: 

💫 One person names a city, and the next one should come up with another city with the letter that the previous city ended with. Then the next participant comes in with a new city. That way, the chain of cities will keep growing.  

💫 For example: I say Madrid, the next person should name a city starting with D

💫 Try not to use cities that have been mentioned before

💫 Let's not use Internet 👀 Of course, Google knows everything, but let's keep it fun and entertaining! 

I'm so curious to learn new cities and see how far we can go! 🤭

Let's go!



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