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Level 7070 please fix

Cat-13 Posts: 502 Level 3

This is what Level 7070 looks like. 22 moves blocks everywhere. Including the game putting the monkies where they can't come down. It take 5 hits to make the candy eating flowers under the cotton candy to go away. IF you get pass the blockcade.

Now for the kicker. I have played this level over 400 times. Day 10 coming up.

I have troubleshooting issues which has been going on for 3 weeks now.

The fish keep hitting my wrapped and striped candy. I will get a bomb then before I can use it, it would explode.. The freezing issue has been fixed. Also I don't get any free turns ;like I use to. Don't use your booster because the game puts it where it doesn't help. Will someone please help. Its been along while since I complained on this board. And my messages have been erased.

@NamTruong2001 @minatoLeVraiDu29 @Admirenuhu


  • NamTruong2001
    NamTruong2001 Posts: 3,868 Level 5

    @Cat-13 I have passed this level and it is a bit tricky.

    It takes 15 oranges candies to make a monklings. So when you start the level, first, unlock striped candy. Try to create a wrapped candy so that it will remove candyvore at the middle.

    Next, remove clouds and links at the bottom to make more spaces. And then, make some fish so that it may remove the striped candy on the top. It is the trick, because monkling will slide from the top when unlocked. Remember, try to avoid creating VERTICAL striped candy because it will remove locked liquorices and you have to rely on cascades to make monkling fall.

  • Cat-13
    Cat-13 Posts: 502 Level 3

    @NamTruong2001 Thanks for the help But I'm still having trouble with my game. The fish keep hitting my boosters. And/or my boosters explode for no reason.

    I'm on level 7078 Look at this board. I've been playing it for almost an hour and still can't make a dent because of what is happening with my boosters and the fish. How can anyone do this with 22 moves???? Thanks for your help.

  • NamTruong2001
    NamTruong2001 Posts: 3,868 Level 5
    edited September 22


    You must make the bubblegum pop at the middle blast first. Try creating wrapped candies because it can help you clear the jelly cubes at the middle rows and vertical striped candies for the blockers at the bottom. Remember always creating candy fish so that it will remove 2 large fishing nets. Cascade could be helpful so that you can have many special candies and combine them to spread the jelly.

    And fish won't hit special candies, you must be confused between boosters and blockers, unless there is a special candy under monklings or on the top of the frosting.

  • Cat-13
    Cat-13 Posts: 502 Level 3

    Thanks for your help. πŸ˜€But I'm still on this levelπŸ€”. No I'm not confused. The fish keep hitting my stripe candy and boosters. Today I payed and they didn't do that. And this problem has been going on for almost a month. If you had something to do with stopping it, Thank you!!!!😍

    I'm trying what you said. But I still can't make a dent until I only have 5 moves left in the game. I hate being at the bottom all the time with my team. I'll try again when I get some more moves. I miss people sending me a lot of free moves! Have a great weekend @NamTruong2001 😎

  • NamTruong2001
    NamTruong2001 Posts: 3,868 Level 5

    @Cat-13 Good luck friend and keep playing. Just try hard and you may find your best solution.

    Have a nice weekend, too.

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