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⏲ remaining hours of life 💗

Spinnifix Posts: 24,588 Sweet Legend
edited October 2023 in Discussions

🧍‍♂️ Hello to all Jelly players 🧍‍♀️

I'm at the end of the map and have hours of life left. The lives are now running out unused. It's kind of pointless and not right for me. It's a shame about this time of life. They could really be put to good use and use. That's why I would like to give my hours of life to a randomly selected player. You could therefore implement this into the game.

Are you for or against?

⏲ remaining hours of life 💗 20 votes

for that 👍
Werner_CichyAndres-2SabrinaMKerrieSpinnifixNamTruong2001LoveDachsNikolaos_ProdromidisrebelchildgreddycandyRacoon7moe75Bibi_123Magnolia4teeweipingJONH10200mimisLaLuna03Mistafied15 19 votes
👎 against it
DieOmimi 1 vote


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