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🥳Birthday badge 2024 🎉

Princess_Jessica Posts: 7,662 Jelly Moderator

Howdy Jellies!

We are now starting a new year 2024

In this new year I think you are going to be so surprised with everything in store for you player's. Let's start with out with the old badge and in with the new. There is a stipulation, you will only receive this new badge on your birthday 🤗

So come celebrate your birthday with us in the off topic area in the Jelly birthday club 2024 thread leave a comment in the thread and I'll make sure to request you get the badge 😚

You will find the new badge when you visit the old thread. So follow the link 👆and claim the new badge on your birthday 🥳

Starting now and every January 1st from now on, there will be a new birthday badge offered. We wanted to find a way to help your day be a little bit brighter. We all love badges so what better way to brighten your day a little then receiving a special birthday badge just for you on your special day 🤩

Thank you Jellies for always showing your support and being such kind player's. You are more appreciated in the jelly community then you will ever know 🥰

So come claim your beautiful new birthday badge on your birthday 😍

Remember this badge will not be automatic, you will receive it on your birthday. So to claim the badge drop a comment in the Jelly birthday club 2024

You will have until December 31st 2024 to claim the badge. January 1st there will be a new badge and the old one will not be available. So make sure you get your badge 🤗



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