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Celebrate World Autism Month with us! 🎈✨



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    Good Morning Everyone,

    Please find here the House Rules. Reading them before posting is a really great way to show fellow housemates how thoughtful you are and avoids posting in the wrong area, spamming etc

    Autism is a topic close to the heart of many people so I'd like to bring it back on topic and thank those whom have read the 1st page and made such warm comments!

    Well Done! :0)

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    Thank you for letting me join

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    G'Day @Casey3131

    Welcome to Jelly Community! :0)

    Just a reminder about off-topic posting in the wrong section, as this is the Contest section, Autism Contest :0) Please join us in "Come say Hi" and the other great threads too, look forward to seeing you around.

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    Autism is something every one should support anything dealing with helping kids is awesome keep showing up and people will follow have a blessed day! 🤗🙏👍

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    G'Day @Sha4

    Welcome to the Jelly Community!

    Great to see you here! Nice to see you support such a wonderful cause!

    I'm going to close this though and have it moved to the Contest on Autism or you may miss out on the chance to win rewards in that comp.

    Please check out the Green Boxes in each discussion area as these will help you know about the Community and how it runs. E.G. "Welcome to the Jelly Community" here, it's worth the time to read as it will also help with the Reward Point System and House Rules.

    Gotta love "read before posting"!

    Have a Jellylisous Day!

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    considerate and post comments on-topic.

    Celebrate World Autism Month with us! 🎈✨

    channie8Apr 9, 2021

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    ✨🎈 World Autism Month 🎈✨

    G’Day Jelly Crew 😀


    Every April is World Autism Month 🥰

    No manifestation of Autism, is ever exactly the same in each Individual. Although broad in terms of being across a Spectrum, to simplify in general, nerve cells and synapses are organised differently and therefore process information in a unique way. It is often characterised by difficulties with social interactions and repetitions of behaviours and thoughts.

    🎈 The beauty of these remarkable perspectives can be seen, in some famous people you may have heard of 🎈

    🎉 Sir Anthony Hopkins (Actor), Greta Thunberg (15 yr old Swedish Activist), Courtney Love (Singer), Dan Akroyd (Actor), Bill Gates (Tech Icon and Philanthropist), Dan Harmon (Writer and Producer), Daryl Hannah (Actress), Susan Boyle (Singer), Steven Spielberg (Director and Screenwriter), Anne Haggerty (The Governess - The Chaser), Kim Peek (the Savant who inspired the film Rain Man) 🎉


    As this subject is close to my heart, here's a Competition to Celebrate and support, these wonderful people and those who we may know personally, with Beautiful Minds, like those above!!😀

    ✨🎈Competition How - to's 🎈✨

    Nothing too hard! Just post a gif, pic, comment of support or a positive word of encouragement related to this topic, the people above or someone you know. 🥰

    😃 As always be kind, be considerate, be humorous and have a little fun in an upbuilding manner! 😃

    🎁 5 Winners will be given 25 Gold bars for their Game 🎁

    Competition Closes 30th April 2021

    See Terms and Conditions here.

    Autism is very near and dear to my heart because my oldest granddaughter is autistic.

  • AshrafAshraf Posts: 8,477 Sweet Legend

    ✨Sir Anthony Hopkins (Actor)...

    he is amazing. 💕

    ✨Susan Boyle (Singer)...

    her voice is wonderful. 💕

    ✨Bill Gates (Tech Icon and Philanthropist)...

    wow. 😮

    ✨Steven Spielberg (Director and Screenwriter)...

    I love his movies alot. 💕

    ✨the film Rain Man...

    I love this movie. 💕

  • AshrafAshraf Posts: 8,477 Sweet Legend

    Happy World Autism Month


















  • S_u_n_s_h_i_n_eS_u_n_s_h_i_n_e Posts: 354 Level 3

    I didn't know about this condition until I got tagged and saw this thread then I did my research and found out a lot of things I never knew about. It occurred to me that I know a little girl who is autistic(she is still in kindergarten),when I saw her I thought it was just because she was shy that was why she didn't talk to my friends and I when she asked us for water(by using sign). We thought she was mentally ill(so we were scared of her🤦)but after finding this out,I really regret how we reacted; scared and judgmental😔

    So I dedicate this to her and other awesome people around the world🤗:

  • Lady_SarinaLady_Sarina Posts: 3,341 Jelly Moderator

    Morning @S_u_n_s_h_i_n_e

    That is a totally cool comment, love it!

    @Ashraf totally loved your first comment, you obviously took time to read it and think about it! Gotta love that!

    Took a quick minute to get to the others (Spam reminder though! :0) boy your signature takes awhile lol any chance you can put a coupla things on the same line to shorten it a bit my Community Brother! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣)

  • aijaziqbalaijaziqbal Posts: 8,463 Candy Moderator

    Hi everyone.

    I must say i was not aware of Autism before, so its a knowledgeable thing for me.


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