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( FINISHED ) 🍩 Candy Crush Jelly Saga -- Community Summer Fun Contest 🍩



  • fabkefabke Posts: 3,969 Level 5

    @PummyRaj thanks for this contest

    1. Top umbrella is green

    2. Carl is missing 1 button from his shirt

    3. Carl's stick is a different color

    4. Yeti misses his nostrils

    5. Straw lime is other color

    6. Lens camera black

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  • Pitty_KittyPitty_Kitty Posts: 4,017 Soda Moderator

    My answers:

    1 top of green umbrella

    2 button of Carl's sleeve

    3 Yeti's nose

    4 Camera lens

    5 pink pin on the pink umbrella

    6 dots on green lemon

  • pearl_chetnapearl_chetna Posts: 2,426 Level 4

    Difference 👇👇

    Umbrella top holder colour change.

    Missing button on Carl's cufflink.

    Missing yeti nostrils.

    Yeti camera lens.

    Colour of stick on umbrella under Carl.

    Missing dots on green lime.

  • KarilaloKarilalo Posts: 4 Newbie

    1- Fosas nasales de Yeti

    2- Parte superior del paraguas verde

    3- gemelos Cupcake Carl's

    4- La lente de la cámara

    5- Pajita en bebida morada

    6- Lima

  • pikelakepikelake Posts: 20 Level 2


    this was fun. Thanks y’all.!!!!

    1.) cuff links

    2.) nostrils

    3.)camera lens

    4.)green lime dots

    5.) straw in the purple drink

    6.)top cork of green umbrella

    ………………..SPOILER WARNING……………..

  • Filly_McBeanFilly_McBean Posts: 207 Level 3

    Here are my submissions 😊

    Yeti’s nostrils

    Top of umbrella different colour 

    Lime spots 

    Umbrella straw/stick different colour

    Cufflink buttons 

    Camera lens

  • a_trosta_trost Posts: 740 Level 3

    1. Top of green umbrella missing cork.

    2. Sleeve missing button or cuff link.

    3. Camera lens.

    4. Nostrils missing.

    5. Red umbrella straw is different.

    6. Dots on lime.

  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 Level 5

    here are the diff..

    1 - Yeti’s nostrils are missing

    2 - Camera lens is missing

    3 - Tip of green umbrella is diff

    4 - Straw on pink umbrella is diff

    5 - Spots on green lime is diff

    6 - There are 2 cuff links on Carl

  • pikelakepikelake Posts: 20 Level 2

    😂😂😂😂 Obviously I don’t know how to do the spoiler alert.!!😂😂😂😂😂

  • Glenn1972Glenn1972 Posts: 15,927 Legend
    edited July 2021

    Here are my answers for the Jelly contest.

    Thank you @PummyRaj 🌺

    Image 2

    1.Spots on the lime are missing

    2.Carl's stick is a different color

    3.Carl is missing 1 button from his shirt

    4.Yeti misses his nostrils

    5.Lens camera black

    6.Top of umbrella is green

  • MountainMomMountainMom Posts: 2,494 Friends Moderator

    The 6 differences I found are:

    1. Yeti is missing his nostrils.

    2. The top of the umbrella has changed color from brown to green.

    3. One of Carl's cufflinks is missing.

    4. The color of the straw poking through the pink umbrella has changed from purple stripes to solid pink.

    5. The camera lens is solid black.

    6. Some spots are missing from the right section of the lime slice.

  • christine88christine88 Posts: 773 Level 4

    1) umbrella top .. one is green and other is tan

    2) cupcake 🧁 Carl's cuff link

    3) yeti's nose

    4) red umbrella straw color

    5) camera 📷 lens

    6) lime wedge

  • CassDCassD Posts: 6,790 Level 5

    Hi @PummyRaj and @Lady_Sarina - It's great to have a community-wide contest again. Here are my answers:

    1) Two buttons on Cupcake Carl's cuffs.

    2) Camera lens is different.

    3) Spots missing from right-hand side of lime.

    4) Umbrella tip above Yeti has changed colour.

    5) Yeti's nostrils are missing.

    6) Colour of lollipop-shaped stick below Cupcake Carl has changed colour.

  • Tzvi_MarcuTzvi_Marcu Posts: 2,103 Level 5

    My answer

    1. Camera lens look different

    2. Different color on umbrella top

    3. Color of stick on umbrella under Carl

    4. No Yeti nostrils

    5. Spots on green lime slice

    6. Two button on Carls glove 

  • HavishHavish Posts: 3,292 Level 5

    Yeti's nose is missing some tostills - 1

    The camera lens are looking different - 2

    The lime wedge has more spots. - 3

    The large umbrella very top is green and not tan! - 4

    Lollipop or stick on the smalll umbrella, not different color - 5

    Cupcake Carl is missing a button/cuff link - 6

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