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Please Can this be FIXED???

NiColeyNiColey Posts: 13 Level 2
edited November 2021 in Support

What is happening ... To... My... Mail ..from friends??? EVERY day it says i have. 10 or more messages...but I click on pink envelope on the right hand of screen.. And ... ""?! Woah ?!"..it will be an EMPTY SCREEN...EVERY TIME NOW.. 😥..

ITS Been this way for many weeks... And actually now theres not a NUMBER by THE envelope..

Now theres a long line of strange letters.. A fancy. Font ..that doesnt spell out a word.. It's just like 15 characters long... And I dont know what the heck thATS Supposed to be now????? I. Realy want some HELP.. Id luv to hv this fixed. . . i am hurting cuz i cant get those extra LIVES that USUALY i could use... That my " freinds" send... ECT ect..


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